1. Honey Bees on our sedums. 

  2. Did a little watering this morning…put the sprinkler on for the sedums and gave all the pots a little drink. Trying out something new, giving all the planters a little splash of water daily, in addition to filling the reservoirs every 3-4 days.

  3. While, the honeybees are loving the cucumbers. the native pollinators are still loving the yellow sedums. 

  4. Our green roof a couple weeks ago after a big rain storm…

  5. Late afternoon sun on the roof…this is the best time to be on the roof. The light is just so beautiful! Quiet at the hive…

    The hound was sad she couldn’t join us…the look of longing in her eyes. 

  6. Having the bees has made us way more aware of all the different varieties of bees and insects that swing by the room. In the past I could tell the difference between a bumble bee and wasp…but all the types in between, well the rest were just bees to me. I didn’t think much of it. 

    Now every time we spot a bee on the roof we take a good look at it to see if its one of ours. This one (there’s a closeup in the second picture)…is NOT one of ours. We see a lot of this kind of bee on roof (and in hindsight we always have around this time of year…at least since we got the green roof…they like the yellow flowers). But this is some sort of native pollinator bee. It collects pollen, we can see it in little sacks on its feet, like our honey bees. But its a little fatter and it also has a furry back (you can see it in the picture). Our honey bees are a bit more slender and elegant, and not furry. Their legs also seem more slender than this bee’s. I’ll try and snap a photo if I see one. 

  7. Sedum “Blue Spruce”…my favourite.

  8. The sedums have begun to bloom! 

  9. Morning smoothies on the roof last week.

  10. Our potatoes were ready for mounding up today. They were about 6” tall so we added dirt into the coffee sacks until just about an inch of the plant was sticking out. This way the potatoes below will stay cooler and the plant will make more roots (which are the potatoes). 

    More dirt means more potatoes!

  11. You can really see the colors coming out in these photos.

  12. A perfect day on the roof!

    (also the sedums have begun to bloom yellow!)

  13. …and look who came for a visit!