1. Today’s awesome harvest!

    From left to right two Candy Onions, green onions, basil, a rainbow of peppers: jalapenos (which I think I left to long on the plant and the skins cracked), banana, hot hungarian, chilli, cherry tomatoes, and mixed lettuce greens.


    In other garden news:

    Cucumber Beetles are jerks. Not sure where they came from but they are definitely interested in the cukes, zukes, and watermelons. I squash them!

    You know who else is a jerk, Stinkbugs. Never heard of them before I found weird beige freckles on a few cherry tomatoes, then on a few yellow tomatoes, and then the telltale neon green egg. I squash them too! There is a lot of squashing going on.

    And we’re making salads every day! :)

    That’s all! Have a nice weekend!

  2. I think it will be onion time soon. These are the Candy Yellow Onions.

  3. Yellow Candy Onions and Red Onions. We’ve been munching these everyday. Looks like there are some shallot sized bulbs bellow. They seem happy, no complaints!

  4. Red Onions getting big and bushy!

  5. Some of the onion buckets we planted this weekend. The hounds were helping out.

    We also planted these two entry way planters with some Munstead Lavender (its so fragrant, even without flowers!), some more onions (there were soo many), and Mother or Thyme and Lemon Thyme.