1. Finally….TATERS! We’re finally digging up decent size fingerling potatoes. 

  2. Our one and only zucchini…the only one we got this year (read: powdery mildew, and zukes can be tough).

    He was delicious! Lightly fried with butter. Yum!

  3. Check out this Cuke! Its going bananas! 

    Cuke update: sadly right after this photo we took off to montreal for the weekend - big rain came and then mega heat 37C without humidity - and that was it for big healthy cuke. He is now fried and weathered cuke. Alas, life is like that sometimes. 

  4. Still getting pansies…

    Side story: I accidentally dried these out in the planters in front of our house. They were near dead so I plucked them out, planted some boxwood and ornamental sweet potato vine and decided to inter plant these half dead pansies with the vegetables on the roof. You know, give them one last hurrah and a big drink of water before they keeled over. Well look at them now, they bounced back to life and are still kicking it nearly a month and a half later. 

  5. Sweet Peas…I love you! I love that you’ve grown this year! SO grateful!

  6. Carrots - still small but definitely bushy. 

  7. Munstead Lavender (finished blooming)…anyone know what I can do with the dried up lavender flowers? Do I harvest them now for pot pourri and things like that? Can I put them in oil? Recos are welcome.

    Thyme (mother of thyme) is finally starting to take over the pot. (It was planted with the lavender and a couple red onions).

  8. All in a row…Persimmon tomatoes, Basil, and Red Currant Cherry Tomatoes.

  9. Mountain Princess you are doing so well!!!

  10. Hello lovelies….here’s a million little cherry tomato photos!

  11. Remember my Cherrybelle Radishes which weren’t doing so well this spring? I’ve let them go to seed. When these seed pods dry out you can crack them and extract the seeds. Almost in time for the fall harvest planting season. 

  12. Emerald and Red Ruby Head Lettuce…very lovely when planted together. 

  13. Hello tomates! You’re looking great!

    (These are the pots where I experimentally planted bush beans as well - there is some concern about planting beans and tomatoes together - so far no problems to report.)

  14. Scarlett Runner Beans - almost at the top. This was a couple weeks ago, they have surpassed the trellis now - I will post an updated photo tomorrow. Surprisingly no beans on them just yet. I have no idea why. 

  15. We had lots of cherry tomatoes a couple weeks ago. We are definitely on the tail end now. But man were they delicious!