1. Check out this Cuke! Its going bananas! 

    Cuke update: sadly right after this photo we took off to montreal for the weekend - big rain came and then mega heat 37C without humidity - and that was it for big healthy cuke. He is now fried and weathered cuke. Alas, life is like that sometimes. 

  2. This was last friday’s harvest - couple Mountain Princess tomatoes, lettuce, 2 cucumbers, and a handful of potatoes (enough for 2). 

    Yum Yum Yum.

    Gardener’s Observation: The skins on the tomatoes and cukes are pretty tough. My grandpa says this is because they are grown outdoors in the elements as opposed to a greenhouse. 

  3. Grow baby grow!

  4. Baby cuke. 

  5. Our honeybees, seriously craving some cucumber flowers. 

  6. More good bugs and my baby cukes! Our honeybees have lost their marbles for these Sumter Cucumbers. They haven’t taken a ton of interest in the other veggie plants but these cukes are a definite winner. Over the last week there has been a good half dozen bees working away on these yellow flowers. Pollinating and give us little baby cucumbers! :)