1. Carrots - still small but definitely bushy. 

  2. Did not know this. How interesting!


    Did you know that the carrots we grow and eat were cultivated long ago from Queen Anne’s Lace, aka Wild Carrot?

    (via majahajduk)

  3. Rainbow Carrot Mix (above), interplanted with radishes. And Yellow Beets (below). We’ve been munching the beet leaves…yummy! I just planted these radishes with the hope that the shade provided by the carrots might keep them from bolting so fast. Too soon to tell…

  4. Carrot & Beet Update:

    The mixed carrots have just put out their second leaves. The beets have done the same and are starting to look robust. 

    I’m considering planting some kale between these guys. They’re in a big planter and I think they may be up for sharing.