1. Today’s lettuce and green onion harvest! (Australian Yellow Lettuce, Ruby and Emerald Head Lettuce, and Arugula)

    …and my new harvest basket!

  2. This is our new arugula. Its a variety called Astro which is supposed to be more drought tolerant and heat resistant. Here’s hoping it can deal with the heat of the roof better then the last one. I’ve seeded 4 kale plants down the centre.

    The yellow leaf Australian lettuce is also doing well. Thinning the heads out has helped a great deal and we’re getting much bushier and robust plants.

    You can see here what’s going on with the other pea plants. The lettuce in the container is doing great but the peas are turning yellow and then drying up. At first I thought this was a heat issue and I moved them to a shadier location. Then I thought maybe its drainage - and went nutso with my drill. Then I thought maybe they’re hungry and gave them some compost. Now I’m confused. They are still trying to produce.

    My newest theory is that it might be the dirt. I planted these peas in leftover dirt from our neighbours’ last year’s planters as my dirt had not yet arrived. Maybe there’s something in the dirt. But the lettuce seems unaffected. 

    Its a mystery.

  3. Greenery Update: We started munching on our head lettuce and mixed greens last week. There isn’t a ton but enough for two people every other day or so. We’re working on thinning out the head lettuce by eating the big ones and making space for the remaining ones to grow in. 

    You can see some of the radishes in the photo too. They are still pretty small which has me a bit worried. Is it too hot? I think they might need thinning too (they should be about an inch apart). So they’ll get tossed into the next salad. Same thing for the arugula - I think I need to increase the spacing. 

    The peas look good though! About 4” tall now and bushy!