1. Mountain Princess Red Tomatoes weighed down with fruit.

  2. Check this out! All these tomatoes are grown in the same kind of SWC planter, they are all the same variety, they all went out at the same time. they are all grown in the same medium, and they are all on the same fertilizing (fish emulsion/Tums) schedule. The ones below, cannot seem to produce a tomato free of Blossom End Rot. They are gangly, with thin leaves but very thick stalks. The ones above, happy as a clam. I do not know what is going on here.

  3. Kale! Looks great, tastes great!

  4. Munstead Lavender in bloom. Its planted with Mother of Thyme and Lemon Thyme on each side. Also two Red Onions (I ran out of room in the SWC). And a Red Nasturtium seed which I just planted…fingers crossed it comes up. 

  5. Rainbow Carrot Mix (above), interplanted with radishes. And Yellow Beets (below). We’ve been munching the beet leaves…yummy! I just planted these radishes with the hope that the shade provided by the carrots might keep them from bolting so fast. Too soon to tell…

  6. Cukes! Sumter Cucumber…we have two buckets full of these. They are just coming up now. They all look healthy and happy!

  7. Edamame Update…there are 4 little guys in here. I’ve planted 2 more in a SWC where one of my peppers was dug up (and killed) by a curious squirrel. 

  8. "Black Beauty" Zuc above, and Cocozelle Zuc below. Both seem happy. They’re both supposed to do well in containers. Hope they do!

  9. Yellow Candy Onions and Red Onions. We’ve been munching these everyday. Looks like there are some shallot sized bulbs bellow. They seem happy, no complaints!

  10. Whoa! Get ready for a major garden photo post. Here’s a recap of the last couple weeks…things bloomed…it rained…plants grew….it rained…we got bees…it rained…and rained…and rained…we all got sick of the rain including the plants. Proof that you can have too much of a good thing! With the SWC’s and all that week, I’ve pretty much watered only twice in the last three weeks. 

    Here are some photos from about two weeks ago. The tomatoes were doing well. We had a few chilli peppers (we’ve got more now). A few blooms on the peas and our first cherry tomatoes showed up. 

  11. Companion Planting and Tomato Update:

    This is one of our biggest cherry Tomatoes. We took a chance and put this guy out (along with some of his buddies) about a week before the last frost (thanks for the good advice Jodi!) So far it looks like an extra week in the sun has done him good. He’s giant in comparison to the Mountain Princess Tomatoes I bought at the market. And definitely looks healthier than his brothers that had to hang out in tiny pots for one (or one and two more weeks).

    You can also see in this photo that we’re trying out something called companion planting. The idea is to plant plants that help each other out together/or in close proximity - these plants can then act as a natural bug deterrent and/or improve the soil conditions for eachother. In this planter we have our cherry tomato, a basil plant, and a marigold.  

    Annual Marigolds: deter Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs, thrips, tomato hornworms, & whiteflies. The roots of Marigolds also create a chemical that repels root knot nematodes (teeny tiny white worms that live in the dirt) which attack tomatoes, potatoes, roses, and strawberries.

    Basil: Deters asparagus beetles, thrips, mosquitoes, and flies. It is also said to augment the flavour of tomatoes. 

  12. …and Hello Mr. Chilli! 

  13. Red Onions getting big and bushy!

  14. 2 new members of the family: (above) Edamame “Beer Friend” and (below) “Cocozelle” Zucchini.

  15. Today’s BIG NEWS: We have a flower!!!!! The first one of the season on our home grown, from seed, cherry tomatoes.