1. Honey Bees on our sedums. 

  2. Sedum update.

  3. Last light…

  4. Breakfast on the roof this morning with my boy

  5. This weekend at sundown. 

  6. Our green roof a couple weeks ago after a big rain storm…

  7. Sedum “Blue Spruce”…my favourite.

  8. The sedums have begun to bloom! 

  9. Morning smoothies on the roof last week.

  10. Our potatoes were ready for mounding up today. They were about 6” tall so we added dirt into the coffee sacks until just about an inch of the plant was sticking out. This way the potatoes below will stay cooler and the plant will make more roots (which are the potatoes). 

    More dirt means more potatoes!

  11. You can really see the colors coming out in these photos.

  12. A perfect day on the roof!

    (also the sedums have begun to bloom yellow!)

  13. …and look who came for a visit!