1. Today’s awesome harvest!

    From left to right two Candy Onions, green onions, basil, a rainbow of peppers: jalapenos (which I think I left to long on the plant and the skins cracked), banana, hot hungarian, chilli, cherry tomatoes, and mixed lettuce greens.


    In other garden news:

    Cucumber Beetles are jerks. Not sure where they came from but they are definitely interested in the cukes, zukes, and watermelons. I squash them!

    You know who else is a jerk, Stinkbugs. Never heard of them before I found weird beige freckles on a few cherry tomatoes, then on a few yellow tomatoes, and then the telltale neon green egg. I squash them too! There is a lot of squashing going on.

    And we’re making salads every day! :)

    That’s all! Have a nice weekend!