1. Wow! Incredible - eat your weeds! This is my sort of gardening story.

  2. Summer time in the city garden!

  3. Baxter’s Bush Cherry Tomato

  4. Rooftop flowers on a sweltering hot day.

    Sweet peas, zinnias, bachelor’s button, asters, & hibiscus.  

  5. What’s going on broccoli? You’re looking gooooood!

  6. Last week’s harvest: purple & yellow beans, zucchini flowers, and painted mountain corn. 

    The beans are divine - buttery and melt in your mouth!

    We stuffed the zucchini flowers with lemon cream cheese, battered, and lightly fried. Delish!

    The corn….well its still in our fridge. Poor pollination leads to underdeveloped kernels. And well, I gave a raw kernel a nibble and it was kinda of chalky. Will investigate further and see if its at all edible. 

    Lessons to take to next year: do not plant corn too early, give it more space, & find a container variety.

  7. Zucchini madness on the rooftop farm!

  8. Beesness as usual after the storm. Thanks for visiting bumblebee!

  9. Weatherman is calling for more rain later today. Think I should go out and pick these beans before the skies open up!

  10. After the storm. Very wet, but still good. 


  11. Wow, check out the globe and mail for flooding photos from last night’s storm. Over 100mm of rain. A record for this city. 

    Green Roof and Garden survived - no complaints. Draining just fine. So glad to have those leaky-tar-and-gravel days behind us. 

  12. welcome hibiscus to the green roof family!

  13. Last year’s container chamomile has self seeded onto the roof.

  14. This season’s successful sweet peas

  15. happy nighttime zuc